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La semaine du 9 avril à l’école…

This week we worked on vertical lines. We made cages for our animals and towers with blocks .We painted vertical lines up to down with a large gesture. We used two colors in two different times.
To practice our gross motor skills, we learnt how to do giant strides between […]

La semaine du 19 mars à l’école

This week, we improved our fine motor skills and we did pretty well.
The horizontal line : the snail’s tracks, it’s not easy to do. We tried to make straight strokes.
The points, the seeds : we used a pen to add seeds to the birds in the park. We had […]

La semaine du 12 mars à l’école…

2’s – Catherine
Budding artists
This week we painted a lot. We made a landscape with a tree. We used brushes and tapped with. So we learnt how to tap with brush and the result was great. It was challenging, we had to respect the boundaries to have a perfect tree.
We […]

La semaine du 05 Mars à l’école…

This week the weather was our main topic of discussion : how is the sky, do we see the sun, is there wind? So we improve our forecast vocabulary. “Ensoleillé, nuageux, venté …”
In mathematics, we continued our learning: learn to count 1 and 2, stick a thumb up where there is […]

La semaine du 26 février…

We have been practicing drawing vertical lines, connecting each character to his balloon and changing color for each stroke and balloon. To improve our manual skills we tried to catch pearls with pair of pliers or ice/sugar tongs. We worked on the world around us trying to distinguish what […]