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La semaine du 23 Octobre à l’école…

Halloween, Halloween is coming

This week, we continued working on the body scheme. But we used others mediums like play dough to make our handprint for example or paintings for footprints.
The subject of Halloween helps us to improve this work (our little cute wish is upside down, she needs our […]

La semaine du 16 octobre à l’école…

We worked on body scheme with playdough and sticking different parts of Petit ours brun’s body.
Our favorite story this week is: la ballade de Monsieur Flaubert and we played to fix him in the right way.
We learnt with the song : Tête, épaule, genoux, pieds, to identify, recognize this […]

La semaine du 9 Octobre à l’école…

This week in the 2’s classroom, we learned to make round, big and small. Thanks to apple.
And with apple trees, we also learned that yellow and blue make green.
Our favorite nursery rhymes is : Pomme de reinette et pomme d’Api  (2 different kinds of apple)

Fall is here. The 3’s […]