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La semaine du 8 janvier 2018 à l’école…

January is the month of the Galette des rois in France
For children it’s an opportunity to work on shapes : rond, square, triangle, and sizes
We made our “galette” in art and kraft workshop : painting inside the circle, sticking band of paper  for streaks

we worked on sizes, the goal […]

La semaine du 13 Novembre à l’école…

Autumn and Thanksgiving

Monday, we saw a lot of leaves on the floor in front of the school, they were so beautiful. So we decided to pick them up and to stick them on our painting. Thanks to the leaves, we continued our learning of numbers until 3 , and […]

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La semaine du 6 Novembre à l’école…

November begin and leaves adorn themselves with the autumn colors
This past week we have been playing with our name, trying to recognize it on the tree of first names when the teacher ask :
– “C’est à qui?”.
Then we searched for the first letter of our first name. It’s difficult but […]

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La semaine du 23 Octobre à l’école…

Halloween, Halloween is coming

This week, we continued working on the body scheme. But we used others mediums like play dough to make our handprint for example or paintings for footprints.
The subject of Halloween helps us to improve this work (our little cute wish is upside down, she needs our […]