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La semaine du 04 Juin à L’école…

2’s – Anne-Cécile
This was the last week.
We played with a new game: our teacher gave us a lot of wood blocks. we built a zoo.
We learnt how to use real sissors. We had to be very careful not to cut our fingers.
Wu hope that  you enjoy our show as […]

La semaine du 28 Mai à l’école…

2’s – Milaure
This week we did our written evaluation on the sense of taste as the children learned it the week before. They had to classify food as it is sweet or salty in a chart. We also made a revision on the vertical line. The children had to draw accurately a […]

La semaine du 21 Mai à L’école…

2’s – Milaure Muteba
this week we introduced the sense of taste. we learned that the tongue is the organ of taste and helps us to taste foods. we classify the taste of various foods that children know (chips, candy, lemon, orange, carrot, cake) and finally we made the difference […]

La semaine du 14 Mai à L’école

2’s – Anne-Cécile
This week was very rainy, but as we had a lot of work to do we didn’t care much. To go outside we had to look after the weather. Sorry for some wet feet, we were told not to got in the puddles but even if we […]

La semaine du 7 mai 2018 à l’école…

2’s – Anne-Cecile
This week we have been very busy to make your present. First we had to decorate the flower pot with spots, then we put the plant in it. We  also had to find “bonne fête maman” to paste it on the heart then “Bonne fête papa”. Most of […]