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La semaine du 12 mars à l’école…

2’s – Catherine
Budding artists
This week we painted a lot. We made a landscape with a tree. We used brushes and tapped with. So we learnt how to tap with brush and the result was great. It was challenging, we had to respect the boundaries to have a perfect tree.
We […]

La semaine du 05 Mars à l’école…

This week the weather was our main topic of discussion : how is the sky, do we see the sun, is there wind? So we improve our forecast vocabulary. “Ensoleillé, nuageux, venté …”
In mathematics, we continued our learning: learn to count 1 and 2, stick a thumb up where there is […]

La semaine du 26 février…

We have been practicing drawing vertical lines, connecting each character to his balloon and changing color for each stroke and balloon. To improve our manual skills we tried to catch pearls with pair of pliers or ice/sugar tongs. We worked on the world around us trying to distinguish what […]

La semaine du 19 fevrier à L’école…

This week, we were great painters. We tried again and again, we mixed colors blue and yellow to obtain green, but sometimes it was just blue and yellow. Then we took the black pencil and drew some lines. And with the brush we put some red spots.
We played “go […]

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La semaine du 12 février à L’école…

Valentine’s Day was the day for pjs party and  gaufres. We worked on size recognition : color the biggest fish.
We had to find which objects were hot which were cold after worked and saw real objects.

What mommy got 💖 Beautiful hearts pour la Saint-Valentin.
The kids had lots of fun hunting […]

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