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La semaine du 05 fevrier à l’école…

Our group has grown, we have three new friends : Frieda, John and Tomas. This week, we prepared Valentine’s Day in art and craft.
Then we played with the play dough to make balls and stripes.

Songs we are learning
Rain outside? No problem. We’ll do the bear walk in the hallway. Happy […]

La semaine du 29 janvier à l’école…

What a busy week!
Monday morning, what a surprise in our class: we have an aquarium with 6 fishes. We feed them every morning.
We improved our fine motor skills and wrote the first letter of our first name and we have reconstructed it through visual discrimination. Then we drew our face. […]

La semaine du 22 janvier 2018 à l’école…

This week, we continued to work on the same subject : “la galette des rois”. This theme brings us many works opportunities. We made our “bonhomme” of January  with his crown (he is the king). Following alignments in order on starting point, end point and course direction (exploring the […]

La semaine du 8 janvier 2018 à l’école…

January is the month of the Galette des rois in France
For children it’s an opportunity to work on shapes : rond, square, triangle, and sizes
We made our “galette” in art and kraft workshop : painting inside the circle, sticking band of paper  for streaks

we worked on sizes, the goal […]

La semaine du 4 décembre à l’école…

Christmas is almost there
This week, we read a story about a little Christmas tree 🎄 and friendship: Le Noël de petit sapin.
In graphics, we worked on the line to draw our Christmas tree. It was difficult but we tried hard.
In mathematics, we refined our visual perception by finding the […]