We ended the first semester on the joyous notes of our traditional “Holiday Show”. Children sang, proud parents cheered, and snacks and hot beverages were shared by all. This tradition is dear to our hearts as it showcases many of the skills our young students have been working hard on. It was also, for many of our new families, the first time they get to spend time at the school and mingle with staff and family.

On the other side of the winter break, The-One-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named tried to steal the show. We sadly have to report that an increased Covid-19 protocol could not stop the virus from hitting our ranks. Our teachers and assistants have shown tremendous resilience and adaptability during these last couple of weeks. They have been seen covering for a sick colleague’s class, rotating between classes, and even hosting classes online when all else failed. Thankfully, this great demonstration of mutual aid is what is being witnessed by our little learners and what, we hope, they will take away from this.  

January marks the time of the school year when we start actively working on the next academic year. Now is the time to make concrete plans and set them in action. Many of you have already chosen our institution to enroll or re-enroll your children for next year. Thank you for your trust and never-ending support. L’École would not be here without its community. We are expecting 22-23 to be, enrollment-wise, our largest year to date. With the growing student body, our team is also expanding. L’Ecole has already hired new teacher assistants and lead teachers. We are looking to fill more positions within the teaching and office staff. January has evidently been a busy month.

And because today is January 31st, it is not too late to do so: We want to send the entire Community our very best wishes for 2022. May this New Year bring new dreams, concretize old ones and be filled with joy and happiness.