2’s – Anne-Cécile

This was the last week.

We played with a new game: our teacher gave us a lot of wood blocks. we built a zoo.
We learnt how to use real sissors. We had to be very careful not to cut our fingers.
Wu hope that  you enjoy our show as much as we did.
Wishing you a nice summer.
See you next year



3’s – Laurence

This last week we have been working on spelling our new month, manipulating  the letters and writing it down.
Of course we also spent time rehearse  our end of the year program: songs and yoga positions.
Very proud teachers!  On friday we had our Last birthdays celebrated.
Happy summer!?


4’s – Azza

In our last week of school, we continued to work on the summer’s theme.
The Grande Section class celebrated a great event: The Preschool Graduation ! They are officially ready to go to Kindergarten!
The kids have also  trained  a lot for the End of the year party. We had many repetitions outside.
They performed very well at the party!
Bon été! Bonnes vacances everybody!