Our group has grown, we have three new friends : Frieda, John and Tomas. This week, we prepared Valentine’s Day in art and craft.
Then we played with the play dough to make balls and stripes.


Songs we are learning
Rain outside? No problem. We’ll do the bear walk in the hallway. Happy children!
Motricité: snake slithering
Maths skills: Review of shapes
Surprise for mommy…


This week we focused on the topic of the colors and the shapes (les couleurs et les formes). The kids are fond of this theme.
We had many activities in order to recognize, classify and name shapes.
Then the kids manipulated lowercase and uppercase letters and practiced the spelling of the shapes’names.
We learned a new song La Chanson des formes. The kids enjoyed the stories of Petit Bleu et Petit Jaune, Le Pays des formes and Trois souris peintres.