This week the weather was our main topic of discussion : how is the sky, do we see the sun, is there wind? So we improve our forecast vocabulary. “Ensoleillé, nuageux, venté …”
In mathematics, we continued our learning: learn to count 1 and 2, stick a thumb up where there is only one musical instrument and two thumbs up where there are two instruments.
Viewing: to sharpen the visual perception, and recognize two identical elements. Find the same drawing as the model frames and color it.
Graphics: we still work on writing the first letter of our first name



Last week we played hide and seek with our shapes. This week we matched them to taped shapes on the floor. The children loved that game! We worked on our school project shapes museum. We organized them, drew and glued them on poster boards for display in the hallway. We are still working on one more shape.
We talked about the new month and learned how to write and spell it. The children have also mastered our Petit moulin song.



The children  participated to the Shapes’project we did with the  Moyenne and Petite Sections by cutting out the shapes and writing  all the labels.
The children also did graphic design on MARS. We practiced the writing of the letter A in capital letter and in script and the writing of the number 8 as well. We learned vocabulary related to day and night activities.