2’s – Milaure

We are so excited to perform in front of parents next week for the Christmas show. Therefore we have been practicing all together about the songs we have learned so far. 
As all this week was about Christmas theme, we painted some Christmas tree ball and stars to light up the Christmas tree right next to our class door!
We continued working on the Christmas vocabulary: sapin de Noël, père noel, traîneau, cadeaux, hotte, boule de sapin,… and we have been reading our Christmas books! 
We took advantage of the Christmas theme to work on matching game with the Christmas trees.The kiddos did a great job!

We finally went to the library. Dear parents, the book will be returned after the Christmas break. Enjoy the book!

3’s – Laurence

We concentrated on our problem solving skills this week: puzzles, algorithms, sequencing.
We continued to work on our Christmas vocabulary with the use of our  imagier. The children know all words!
They are doing a 
great job rehearsing for our Christmas program.

4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week we have been learning new words about Christmas: guirlande, étoile, Père-Noël, Boule, sapin.We also worked on the number of syllables in a word. We talked about the difference between letter and syllable.Then we have been practicing a lot to write Joyeux Noël. It’s hard for us because some of the letters are new for us.
In math we had to order paper strips in a certain order to make a Christmas tree. Then we decorated our tree with paint and glitter.We also made a Santa Claus. we were very happy to do it. we pasted cotton balls, funny eyes…The result was amazing!!!We painted Christmas ornaments to decorate our school.
We have been reading new books: Noyeux Joël, le Noël de petit hérisson.But especially we are rehearsing a lot for the show.