2’s – Milaure

This week was full of fun ideas. we learned a nursery rhyme called “voici ma main” and we made the imprint of the hand on the board using water and on the play dough. The kids love the play dough. We read a story called “Tchoupi rentre a l’ecole“. This book clearly explains the steps of the day at the school: getting to school with the parents, learning, playground time, lunch time, nap time and the end of the day. Finally we discovered puzzles . The kids were more excited to learn some French words this week.


3’s – Laurence

We are learning the colors of the Fremch flag.
We are singing : Pomme de reinette et Pomme d’Api and Mains en l’air.
We are working on the recognition of number 1.
We continue to review the rules of the school.
We read : Les lapinos à l’école.
We took advantage of hurricane Florence to discuss bad weather, read: T’Choupi a peur de l’orage and learned a few weather words.


4’s – Anne-Cécile

This week was a bit shorten due to the weather conditions but lots has been done anyway! Our teacher wanted to assess what we already knew so we had a lot of exercises. Some of them were very easy others were really difficult!

On Monday and Tuesday, we played with letters to assemble the world ‘RAPLAPLA’ that we had previously  read in one of our books. We really enjoyed that book, it’s called La chèvre biscornue.

We also trained ourselves to use cissors, it’s still a bit tough for some of us: that’s not as easy as it sounds like J.

We began to decorate our coat rack, lots of work still, we will continue on Monday.