2’s – Milaure

We had such a lot of great time sharing about love this week. We made a lovely valentine’s craft: a heart containing our 2 littles hands’ imprint that shares a message: « Je t’aime papa, je t’aime maman ». It was so lovely to hear the little ones reapeting those words to their parents! 
We are also continuing working on our shapes’ unit. We are recognizing shapes around us and we are matching them on puzzles.
We read a book called: « la grosse colère » and we went to the library. Reminder: The books have to be returned in 2 weeks. Finally, we had our PJ party for valentine’s day. We shared waffles altogether with joy and love. Thank you dear parents for your participation and big thank to Laurence who made the delicious waffles for everybody!

3’s – Laurence

We continue to practice our slanted lines for the preparation of writing letters: K, M, N, V etc…and some numbers: 1, 2,7.
The children have made good progress with problem solving. Some of them can do 12 puzzle pieces.
They also work much better as teams now.
In math we are organizing groups of 3 and 4 objects and playing games to better understand  the concept of double entry tables.
The children love “la petite marmotte’s song” that we’ve been singing since the beginning of the month. The movements we make are good for their motor skills and balance.
We just started the shapes song which will help in memorizing them.
The whole school enjoyed our waffles/PJ/ St Valentine’s day party.
Thank you so much for your generosity in bringing supplies. We couldn’t give our little students fun memories like that without your support.

4’s – Alexandra

The week was filled with fun celebrations!

We got ready for V-day by crafting little Love Monsters. Their favorite treats are kisses. Dont forget to feed them! The kids decorated valentine cards with heart stamps and wrote “Joyeuse Saint-Valentin” for their classmates. 

We worked really hard on our math. Counting to 5, enumerating and using the classroom manipulative tools. 

We hosted a tea party for Alexandra’s birthday with play doh cakes, songs, pretend limonade à la fraise. So fun! The highlights of the week were of course la Saint-Valentin and the delicious heart shaped waffles. During this time, we kept Maîtresse Anne-Cécile close to our hearts. We wrote her a card and sent her a video with lots of bisous. 

We completed our work about “la banquise” (polar ice) and its inhabitants.  Au revoir winter, we are ready for spring!