TPS1: Caroline et Clarisse

Hello/Bonjour Parents, Grandparents and guardians of TPS-1

Our vocabulary and conversations is expanding by the day and showing Big Boy/Big Girl language and behavior is a daily goal. Friendships are beginning to take shape as free time gives opportunity to make social connections. 
We are having a lot of fun practicing our Holiday Show. 
.Ani couni chaouani – Comptines indiennes pour enfants
Ani couni chaouani – Comptines indiennes pour enfants Ani couni est une petite comptine amérindienne qui plaira aux enfants de tous le…

TPS2: Ariane

This week, we deepened our knowledge of colors.  We clarify, we intensify, we mix.  We had many experiences with the three primary colors. areaPreview YouTube video Trois souris peintresTrois souris peintres

MS: Anne-Cécile


This week was short. There were only three of us during two days! It is getting really cold outside!! Don’t forget to give me a coat, gloves and a hat so I can still enjoy the outdoors.

In math we worked on the numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9. We’re still struggling a bit but we are getting better every day.

Now, that we know all the vowels, we are working more specifically on ‘a’: how to write it in lowercase. We had to listen carefully to the words and identify the sound of this letter.

In visual arts we are speaking about Canadian artist Angela VANDENBOGAARD. This artist draws trees with colored dots and circles. We are going to try to do like her. We don’t know if we are going to make it because it takes a long time to draw all these dots!!

See you next week