2’s – Catherine

Budding artists
This week we painted a lot. We made a landscape with a tree. We used brushes and tapped with. So we learnt how to tap with brush and the result was great. It was challenging, we had to respect the boundaries to have a perfect tree.
We also painted a leopard and made footprints with a cork, we had to make specific gestures.
and finally, we revised the different parts of the face and glue the stickers “yeux, nez, bouche” to complete the face.

3’s – Laurence

This week we learned a new shape : le losange. and review the other shapes
We did soe Coloring of  Petit moulin – We had to Identify, glue and draw our shapes

4’s – Azza

We worked on the theme of spring “Printemps”. The children did some cutting and gluing to reconstruct the word Printemps in lowercase. They also identified the word ”printemps “ in the 3 scripts.
They identified and linked the numbers from 1 to 19 to reconstruct a rainbow “Arc-en-ciel”.
The kids present on Friday celebrated the spring with Anne-Cecile by making a bird.