2’s – Milaure

This week, we’ve all work on the vegetables unit. We have learned name of vegetables and their color. The most vegetables recognized by the students were: CAROTTE, BROCOLI, POIVRON, AUBERGINE, OIGNON, AIL, CHAMPIGNONS…
The good thing is that we could see, touch, smell and even taste some of the vegetables with the participation of the generous parents who signed up to bring them for us.
Thank you parents!
Those vegetables will be also used to make a friendship soup next week in the spirit of sharing for Thanksgiving.
Also, we had to recognize a vegetable drawing and color it with the right color. We used ink to do that.
We read a story called: LA SOUPE AUX FRITES and we started learning a new song on the vegetables called: “TOUS LES LEGUMES”. They love it!
We are continuing working on matching and sorting games depending of the shape and the color.
Finally, we went to the library! Don’t forget dear parents, we will be going to the library twice a month. Please, take advantage of thanksgiving break to enjoy the book with the kids!

3’s – Laurence

Vegetables! All week long!
The children are having fun learning the names in French. Some of them are easier to remember such as: carotte, céleri, salade. Some are long: pomme de terre. They had a hard time with the literal translation : apples of the ground. What?… 🙂
One munchkin asked:” why can’t they call it fries?”
Just like we did with the fruit, we observed, smelled, touched and ate the vegetables.
We organized them by color and by size.
Thank you for bringing the items needed. You are the best!
Next week we will be cooking our friendship soup!




4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week we began our new theme: the vegetable.

We had to make the difference between fruit and vegetable. We talked about the way they grow, we discovered that sometimes we eat the roots, sometimes the leaves…

On Tuesday we tasted carrot and celery. The teacher was very surprised because many of us liked celery a lot and we asked for some more. Of course we drew them as well.

Then we tasted broccoli and pepper. The teacher showed us garlic, onion and leeks as well. But of course we didn’t taste them. The garlic smelled awful: we made a funny face when we smelled it. The entire school smelled of it!!!!

We continued our work on the syllables. We used the name of the vegetable. For example: oi-nion 2 claps, 2 syllables.

We sang the songs ‘j’ aime les fruits’ and ‘tous les légumes’. Our teacher was very proud because we did it pretty well.

As we are wonderful painters, we are allowed now to paint our own paintings and we like it a lot.