2’s Milaure

We are keeping a close eye on the sprouting of the grass we planted fews days ago. We put water on it every morning and expose it to the sun shine. The grass is growing but not enough to make the hair for our little project. Luckily, next week it will be ready for our project! We read the book « l’ile aux câlins » and we introduced the difference between soft (doux) like a hug (câlin) and hard (dur). We looked around us in the class to find things that are soft like the pillows, a plush, a blanket… and things that are not soft like cars toys, the table, chairs, books… We made that difference using our touch.We have been practicing a lot on numbers. We had to recognize the number and reproduce the same equivalent dots to represent flowers or the beads of a necklace. We could count up to 5 and even more for others.
We finally had to look on a pot of gras and use painting to create the same effect of the potted gras on a paper using a fork (making the up and down movement with our hand).

3’s Laurence

Spirals are what we learned this week.
We traced them in sand, we made them out of cubes, small bears, pompons, yarn and we practiced them on the white board.
Finally we made cute little snails as a decoration for our bulletin board.
We continue to observe, measure and record the growth of our plantations. The winner is still the white bean plant.
It seems to be growing from moment to moment!
We drew its actual size and made comparaisons of what it looked like before.
As we are going to be working on the book by Eric Carle: the very hungry caterpillar, we created a beautiful caterpillar to illustrate our Spring scene in the hallway.
The evaluations are finished. 
Look out for a sign up sheet at the door for parents’ conferences.

4’s Anne-Cecile

This week, we talked a lot about plants again. Our bean plant grew a lot in 3 days. On Monday, it was very little and the day after it was 10cm height. That  was incredible!!!

Then it began to curve because it wanted more sun. So we decided to put it outside in the sun. The day after it was straight and stronger.

The teacher brought some beautiful flowers called ‘lys’. We learnt a lot about plant’s reproduction: we know now that we have to protect bees because they help plants to have seeds. And those seeds will become new plants.

In the same time we learnt the letter ‘T,t’. For one day we had new names: all of them began with a T.

We also colored symmetrical butterflies, did additions and subtractions.

On Thursday, while some of us were practicing stilts, the others were playing with a ball; This game was difficult because we were not allowed to touch the ball with our hands. We had to control the ball with our feet only.

That was not easy but that was very funny!!!!