Autumn and Thanksgiving

Monday, we saw a lot of leaves on the floor in front of the school, they were so beautiful. So we decided to pick them up and to stick them on our painting. Thanks to the leaves, we continued our learning of numbers until 3 , and we played with the false leaves.

Thanksgiving is coming and we talked about Amerindians. We draw eyes, nose and mouth to our indiens faces. It’s an another way to learn the different part of the face. We learned an Iroquoian nursery rhymes called Ani Couni. It helps unknow syllabes pronunciation practive

And look at our “bonhomme” ( body scheme) how amazing they become, don’t you think?

We tore little pieces of yellow paper and stuck them in the heart of the flower. We decorated the petals with red ink by making points.

On thursday, we got a new rug with butterflies. We were so happy !

Happy Thanksgiving to you’ll.


For the past 2 weeks the 3’s worked on the decoration of their binders. It was a multi steps project that included drawing a design with a white crayon on white paper. It revealed itself once the watercolor was painted over. The children loved the magic aspect of it!
They practiced their cutting skills by cutting strips of colorful papers and made a collage.
They cut out, glued and repositioned the letters of their first names.The final touch was to add stickers. Beautiful work!

As the 2’s and 4’s, we learned an Iroquoian nursery rhymes called Ani Couni.


We are still practicing upper and lower case with the autumn vocabulary.
To celebrate Thanksgiving, we learned an  Iroquoian nursery rhymes called Ani Couni. with French pronunciation, off course 🙂
Tam-Tam rythmes and funny sound, the chidren really enjoyed it!