2’s – Milaure

“Vive la galette des rois “! This week, we celebrated “la galette des rois”, the frangipane king cake that the kiddos enjoyed to taste and smell warmly!
Our favorite book was “Tchoupi aime la galette” and our favorite song: “J’aime la galette”.
We have learned new vocabulary at the same occasion such as : galette, fève, couronne,rois, reine. That was a pleasure to share a celebration of the French culture. 
We also had our monthly fire drill test. Fortunately, we got only few tears. That could be worst but everybody was calm and safe. We got a tattoos of Raleigh firefighters as a little reward of the test.
By the way, we keep working on “grand” and “petit” and on the number 2.
Reminder: Next week we will have our library day! Dear parents, don’t forget to bring back the books on Tuesday and Wednesday as we have no school on Monday.

3’s – Laurence

The children had lots of fun celebrating la galette des rois. Amelia found la fève and was crowned the queen!
We played a few games relating to the story of « roule galette « : recognition of the characters, putting the cards in the order of the story, spatial concepts, etc…
We manipulated the letters of the animals from the story.
In graphisme we learned le quadrillage and reviewed le cercle.
The children have mastered le  dénombrement :1 to 3. We are still working on 1-6.

4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week was the week of the ‘galette des rois’. We had it on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Two kids of our group found a ‘fève’ in their piece. Then they  had to choose their queen or king. Isabella was our queen and she chose Christophe as her king. Henry was our king and he chose Jackie. But in fact we were all queens and kings of the day. We made beautiful crowns: we cut and then decorated them.

We spoke a lot of the galette of course, we made some in play dough. We read the book ‘ Roule galette’. We already knew this book from last year but we still enjoyed this famous book. We learnt new words and we had to find them in the text. That was very hard and some of them needed help. But the teacher said that it was normal since it’s the first time we had this kind of exercise.

We have been singing a new song: ‘la famille pingouin’. We have just been singing the chorus 3 times with new lyrics! if you want them just ask our teacher!

This song makes us work on our articulation, we are going to sing it faster and faster!! That’s going to be very funny!!

Here is the links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DN59pKJoF34&t=34s

We still still have been playing all together the game called ‘le facteur n’est pas passé’ and the game ‘la galette’.