2’s – Milaure

This week has been an exciting week. It was our first week of taste.

We discovered the 5 senses of the body and we tried out some of them while we learned about common fruits (touch, smell, see, taste).

So our discovery was about learning the names of fruits in French, touching them, smelling them and, last but not least, tasting them. The children had a lot of fun in tasting fruits. The funniest thing was to see the children’s reaction when tasted the lemon (LE CITRON). They were like shaking because of the sour flavor of the lemon.

Then we had to recognize a fruit just by a taste with closed eyes and to color the fruit seen represented on a paper with the right color. For the little one, it was so hard to keep their eyes closed so they used only their tongue to guess what was the fruit.

By the way, we introduce HALLOWEEN. We learned the word CITROUILLE (pumpkin) and FANTOME (ghost) with the story of “TCHOUPI FETE HALLOWEEN”. We learned the nursery rhyme called: C’EST SUPER, LES SORCIERES. The children loved the song.

Also, We are solving puzzles, we are continuing working on the recognition of the first name initial, we are working on the number 1 and on getting good behaviors (BONJOUR-AUREVOIR, MERCI, PARDON, STP,…)



3’s – Laurence

We started to work on our fruit unit.
A BIG thank you to you parents! We couldn’t have done it without your generosity.
Everybody loved it of course!
We started by asking questions: what is a fruit?  The children had to go to the play kitchen and bring me all the fruit. You wouldn’t believe what I ended up with… chicken, hot dog, a piece of cake!
We studied: bananas, apples, kiwis, blueberries, raspberries, grapefruits, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, grapes, figs, raisins and pineapples.
We compared their textures, sizes, colors, weight and shapes.
We smelled, touched and made predictions: what will the fruit look like inside? What will it taste like? Can we eat the peels of all the fruit?
After removing the thick outer layer of the pineapple, once it was all naked, we saw the soft flesh, the part to be eaten.
We were surprised to learn that if you press grapes, you get grape juice and wine.
We also discussed that fruit could be eaten dry as well.
After the discussion it was time for the : nature morte.
Every fruit was placed in the middle of the table, and your little artists had to draw them.
It was really fun to see their interpretation.
The best part came at the end: the dégustation!
The most popular fruit in our class were the kiwis, the blueberries and… the lemon! Incredible! Who would have thought?
We will continue the discussion and the degustation next week.

We manipulated and wrote the name of some fruit.
Imagine our surprise when we discovered that the word for grapefruit/ pamplemousse has more letters than in Washington’s first name! 12 letters to be correct.
Some of us were up for the challenge and wrote it!



4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week we learnt a lot about fruits.

What’s a fruit? When do we usually eat them? What color they are?

We also tried to recognize and write their name. And we tasted them. That was the better part of our work.

We discovered ‘la figue’ and ‘le pamplemousse’. Most of us liked figs but the grapefruit surprised us, we thought it was tasting like an orange but we found that it was a bit more bitter. In spite of that many children liked it. Even the teacher was surprised!!!

At the end of the lesson we talked about what we were thinking about the fruits we tasted and the teacher wrote our answers down to make a poster. She also took a lot of photos.

We leant also a new song about fruits of course.


Thanks a lot to you, parents, for bringing the fruits.