This week we were still studying verticals lines. We traced them on two different plans : on the table with crayola between two sticks and on the board with painting. We had to paint the sticks with a steady gesture and that wasn’t easy ! We did free painting too, we just had to remember to change  brushes when we changed colors.

Our teacher proposed a new activity, we had to take pompom with 2 woodsticks : one in each hand. That was very funny.  We also discovered gravity when we represented rain with wool yarn weighted with a pearl.

That was a very busy week, we did a lot of gross motor skills too.



In graphisme we studied : le pont.
We found out that the Eiffel Tower has 4 of them!
We were also surprised to learn that a rainbow ? is also a pont and that we can find this shape in nature.
Imagine our surprise when we realized that the lower case n is also a pont!
We practiced writing them on the white board and did a good job on our worksheets.
It was a week of discovery.



This week, we continued to work on the theme of the weather ( la météo). We learned new vocabulary and we read the story of ”Tchoupi a peur de l’orage”.
We also wrote the letters V and W and did graphic design.
The kids cut and glued little pictures in order to   fill in a double entry table. This activity leads the kids to practice fine motor skills as well as decoding and organizational skills.