We worked on body scheme with playdough and sticking different parts of Petit ours brun’s body.
Our favorite story this week is: la ballade de Monsieur Flaubert and we played to fix him in the right way.
We learnt with the song : Tête, épaule, genoux, pieds, to identify, recognize this parts.
And as usual, all this work, help us to improve our fine motor skills and our French vocabulary.


This week the 3’s continued their year long project on the human body and started to discuss Halloween, the children favorite holyday! 🙂
The older 3’s worked on matching letters : uppercase/lower case, writing new words : Halloween, orange, citrouille… while the young 3’s worked on the color orange. The Halloween bingo game was introduced to the class to strenghten the theme’s vocabulary.


Halloween was everywhere this week : Graphism, Vocabulary, Writing, and Reading.
Drawing spiderweb is a good way to practice oblique lines. The 4’s review the Halloween vocabulary while also working on their upper/lower case. Decoupage/collage of words and colouring some citrouille is a fun way to memorize vocabulary.