TPS1 (2’s class) – Milaure

The little ones had so much fun this week picking up leaves on the parking and in our playground. We also picked up some sticks, pines cones and bark from the trees that will be used for our different projects and art works around our theme of the year called “l’arbre” (the tree). We introduced our theme by talking about what the tree is made of. For this week, it was more about the leaf. We looked at the difference of color between a fresh leaf which is green and a dead leaf that changes color because it is no more attached to the tree (yellow, brown or red). We are also keeping up on learning our school habits and daily routines (saying “bonjour”, “merci”, “s’il te plaît”, “au revoir”, “pardon”, knowing each other, sharing, cleaning up…). The song of the week was: “Pomme de reinette et pomme d’api“.

TPS2 (2.5’s class) – Ariane

We are starting to have good benchmarks to organize our day. We come to take our lunch box and our drink without help. We are making our muscles working hard getting the strength of holding our pencil for future classes. We are painting being inspired by nature. We are discovering the first letter of the first name. And we count with the help of Spot!
À lundi prochain!!

PS (3’s class) – Laurence

The PS organized nature’s treasure found during their walk: tree bark, pine cones, leaves etc… by categories and sizes.
The children rubbed a crayon on the tree trunk outside of class and were amazed to witness the transfer of the texture on the paper.
They worked on algorithms (2 colors) with beads and blocks, #’s 1-3: recognition, counting, showing the correct amount of fingers.
Initials and full first names for certain students.
The kiddos finished the decoration of their binders and were quite proud of the result. It was worth the time.
They started to learn the tree vocabulary: feuilles et branches.
This week’s yoga position is of course: the tree.

MS (4’s class) – Anne-Cecile

This week we talked a lot about the tree. On Friday we went outside, all around the school, to collect leaves, fruits from different trees and some pieces of bark. In the classroom we tried to pair fruits and leaves. That was not easy! 

We helped our teacher decorate the hallway with a beautiful tree. And we created roots (racines) under the grass. We are very proud of our work! please come and see our tree,  we will be delighted!

But trees were not our only center of interest, we also started working on the first letter of the words. We first had to make sure that we all knew where it is in the word. Then we had to recognize them, and put the word in the right column. (example: avion in the column of the ‘A’…)

We are also learning the different ways to write the numbers (up to 3 for now): 3 can be 2+1 or 1+2 for example. We are using our fingers and objects to help us.

Vertical and horizontal lines have no more secrets for us now: we practiced a lot using a variety of tools.

We read books about school and we are learning the song ‘Dans la forêt lointaine’.

We are already very good even with the tricky gestures our teacher showed us!