2’s – Milaure

After few days off, due to the hurricane florence, the week was full of energy.
We took advantage of the circumstances to introduce the notion of the weather with “soleil” and “pluie “.
We have started the recognition of the first letter of our first name.
In the learning of good manners, we discovered the French vocabularies commonly used at the dining table : “comment se tenir correctement à table”.
We  read the story of “Tchoupi n’aime pas la bagarre” and finally we had fun building our motors skills in running and jumping inside and outside the class.

What a beautiful week!



3’s – Laurence

The children started to memorize the vocabulary we use everyday.
We read: “Dans la cour de l’école”, which helps understanding the concepts of: in, out, alone, together, mixed up and lined up.
Some kiddos are writing the initial of their first name while others are writing their full name.
We are counting 1 to 3 with the younger group and 1 to 5 with the older group.
We are working on recognizing # 1 and # 2. How to show it on the fingers, how to count the dots, the objects and how to write it on the board.
We added fun games to practice our color recognition: bleu, blanc ,rouge.
In gross motor skills we are: jumping, running, walking like soldiers and doing the bear walk.


4’s – Anne-Cécile

This week we learned two new songs « Mon âne » and « Bonjour ».
We played a lot with letters, we had to find the first letter of written words. That was easy !!! Then we had to listen carefully and find the sound of it and guess its name. That was much more difficult !!!
We finished our book : we found its title and we drew the illustrations.
We worked on the number 3. We set the table for three people. We learnt the song « les trois moustiques ».
What we have been enjoying the most is when we are doing theatre : 2 of us are the rabbits and one is the fox. A lot of things are happening to the rabbits but don’t be scared  they are not going to be eaten. We are practicing a lot and we ‘re having a lot of fun !!!

We almost forgot to tell you that we have a new toy dining set and a new doll’s bed. We are very happy especially the girls!!