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French Summer camps 2019

2’s – Milaure

We are keeping up with our shape unit. We are making difference between shapes we have learned so far: carré, rectangle, rond et triangle. We have learned the song of shapes. We used some play dough to see how many sides has each shape: 3 sides for the triangle (triangle), 4 sides for the square (carré) and the circle (rond) is round and round. We had fun in recognizing shapes visually in puzzles and at the same time we are working  on the colors recognition. 
We have enjoyed the story of « le petit dragon » and also we have learned « toc toc toc Monsieur pouce ».
Finally, we keep practicing on the recognition of our first name and on numbers 1 to 5 (dénombrement).
Reminder: dear parents, don’t forget to return the library books next week on Monday and Tuesday. We will have library day!

3’s – Laurence

Shapes, shapes, shapes everywhere!
The students have mastered: circle, heart and star. Still working on triangle.
We made houses for our shapes. The children had to gather the correct shapes as they were named, and had to find their respective houses.
We continue to learn our song shape. 
When a child knows it and can recognize his/her shapes, they receive a sticker.
We celebrated Nathan!
Who will be next?…
We drew and cut up this week’s shapes to make little posters for our binders.
It is not easy to cut circles and stars!
We continue to work with 7 pieces tangrams and are much faster at finding the correct shapes to complete the pictures.
It’s so cute to see their reaction when they discover that if you put 2 triangles together it becomes a square. If you add more it becomes a rectangle.
The letters A, M and N were written this week using our slanted and broken lines.
An observant little student found the answer to a question asked: what is the shape that has broken lines? It was indeed the triangle.

4’s – Alexandra

New week, new theme: All about SHAPES! We played a lot of hands on activities making this week extra fun! Shape collage, pattern block geometric designs, shape boxes, shape painting… We learned to sort flat shapes (triangle, carré, cercle) and 3D shapes (pyramide, cube, sphère). We explored with our body through movements (the yoga of shape) and our sense of touch (guessing the name of a shape with our eyes closed, using only our fingers. It can be tricky!). We applied our counting skills to geometry by sorting shapes by the number of their sides. We kept busy and made the most of this rainy week!