2’s – Milaure

The teachers had a great idea to make a cake with the children this week! We made it all together and we really had fun making the “Far Breton”. It is a French cake. The recipe is so easy that you can make it at home with your child.
We needeed flour, eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla sugar and raisins. The little ones were happy to mix everything together after the 3’s and 4’s made all the ingredients ready to use.
The cooking time was 2 hours so we couldn’t eat it the same day, we ate it the day after. We enjoyed the smell all around the school, and the taste. So delicious!By the way, we keep practicing on the shapes. We are making the « rond » as we have made so much progress in graphism.
We are also working on matching things together and puzzles. This week we had to match on paper the fish together.
Finally it was Sterling’s birthday, he had to replace the teacher and tell us a story in French!

Reminder: for those who still have the library books, please return them next week so that we can all enjoy our library day! Thank you 🙂

3’s – Laurence

We reviewed all shapes, finished working on rectangles, ovals and losanges.
The children were surprised to learn that the losange pattern can be found in fabric, clothing and art.
It was a perfect segue to talk about Arlequin’s clothes.
In « graphisme » we drew slanted lines in opposite directions and realized they made losanges.
We then colored them to make an  Arlequin ‘s costume.
The children were busy in the kitchen. They used their math skills to measure ingredients, associated  pictures with the correct actions when looking at the recipe and used their fine motor skills to pour, add, mix, and crack or… crash eggs!
Their “Far Breton” was absolutely delicious.

4’s – Anne-Cecile

We finally finished our work on the shapes. As we had some eggs left from the crepes we decided to cook a French cake called ‘far breton’. We worked on the recipe before and we learnt new words: ‘farine, oeuf, sucre, lait et beurre’. As you can see on the pictures we made the cake all by ourselves. Some of us broke the eggs, added flour and sugar. Then the students of Milaure added milk and we all mixed the batter. This cake took 2 hours to cook and we ate it the next day. You will find the recipe in our binder.
We have been talking about the way animals are moving. We have been learning the words ‘patte, aile, nageoire’.
In maths, we are now able to do additions:2+3, 4+3 for example. We still need our fingers to help us!!!! We also began to learn how to make some groups of 3 using the dishes we have in our kitchen. For example, with 11 spoons we can make 3 groups of 3 and there are 2 spoons left.