TPS1: Caroline et Clarisse

Hello/Bonjour Parents, Grandparents and guardians of TPS-1

It has been an absolute pleasure to work at L’ecole these past two months. It was amazing to see such social, emotional and academic growth in such a short time. Truly amazing !
I would like to thank the whole team for supporting me and guiding me to be most effective as a substitute in Milaure’s absence.
I will surely miss the kiddos and the team !
We have been hard at work these past few weeks preparing for the Holiday show on December 18. Mark your calendars.We have started to master the skill of rehearsing as a school ! This requires great listening skills, maturity and stamina. Teacher Anne-Cecile is our Choir coach and teaches warm up exercises to produce an amazing show !
We also created a beautiful Friendship Tree with all the children’s handprints. What unity, inclusivity and diversity !
Our art projects are now starting to highlight Winter and Christmas decorations. You will see them on display after Thanksgiving. 
We continue to talk about Thanksgiving. And highlight the theme of Family, Friendship and Love…and Food !I am reinforcing these themes by sharing Monsieur Canard, being kind to him and showing him love while everyone waits for their turn to show Monsieur Canard some Love.
Again I am so proud of TPS. We continue to practice “Je m’appelle” and counting the number of students and teachers who come to school each day. The days of the week, colors, weather and basic feelings: Je suis contente, triste, fatiguee. Growing our vocabulary increases our communication skills therefore increases confidence therefore strengthens our relationships. 

 We have started learning another song for the Holiday show. You wont want to miss it !
Chanson Le Père Noël est enrhumé

Chanson Le Père Noël est enrhumé

Please see last weeks’ links to our Tchoupi stories.
Our table top activities continued to strengthen fine motor skills,manual dexterity by rolling playdoh into small, medium and large balls and rolls, and stringing thread thru beads, and puzzles. 
Again, thank you for the opportunity to teach your child. 

TPS 2: Ariane

By playing with the primary colors (blue, yellow, red), we as small three mice discover the composition of secondary colors (green, orange, purple), which allowed us to make a multicolored painting.  This story would lead us to experiment with colors and, ultimately, to build our own color dictionary
By deducing from our observations in nature that the dominant color of Autumn was red, we realized a magnificent Autumn poster of which we were extremely proud!

In parallel we studied Boucle d’or et les trois Ours, we reactivated our mathematical knowledge in sorting objects by size or color.
Record : next week we are on holiday on Tuesday night!  The last day of school is Tuesday 26th !!


In maths we are counting up to 10 and counting objects up to 5.
In “ graphisme” we are tracing horizontal lines and writing the letters: L, I and T.
In Language Arts we are manipulating  the letters of: Novembre. Most children know all of them.
The children learned more facts about native Americans.
We discussed the food we like/ dislike and made a collage of what we might eat for our Thanksgiving meal.
We painted the friendship tree.
We reconstituted the cover of a book we read.
The all school started the rehearsal for our Christmas program.
Finally in Art we finished part 1 of our Christmas present for our mommies.

MS: Anne-Cécile


We worked again on numbers 6, 7, 8, 9. We played many games to be able to count different objects. Some of us are now ready to make additions. 

We orderer straws from the smallest to the biggest and vice versa We had 9 pieces of straw that were almost the same size: we had to be very careful to compare them.

We continued to listen to the ‘A’ in different words. For us, that is not as easy as it seems!

On Tuesday we received a letter from our friends of Houston. They were very happy with our Thanksgiving present. They sent us a picture! We were delighted to hear about them!

We are beginning to do Christmas craft: we made Christmas trees and we struggled with the glue.

The rehearsals for the Christmas show have started, We need to practise a lot to make sure to sing all together.

As you can see we were very busy again this week.

Don’t forget the school will be closed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving