This week, we were great painters. We tried again and again, we mixed colors blue and yellow to obtain green, but sometimes it was just blue and yellow. Then we took the black pencil and drew some lines. And with the brush we put some red spots.
We played “go fishing” the goal is to fish the same color as the boat in front of us. This game improve our fine motor skills. We worked acceptance of rules : it’s not always my turn and sometimes I can fail.
We learned a new song :

“les petits poissons dans l’eau” and a new nursery rythme : ”Monsieur Ours”
We read a book about shape “Les formes”.
The ladybug : Graphisme find a shape drawn, paint the back in red and fill it with dots.


This week was all about shapes!
We reviewed them, discussed their particularities, commented on their sizes,and on their colors.
We continued our exploration with the  attribute blocks which prompted more réflexion about their sizes, their thickness and on the feel of the blocks, the texture, the hardness and their weight.
We finished our shape art work that we proudly displayed above our cubbies.



The children have cut and decorated  their favorite shape to make labels for their  coat hangers.
They practiced writing the  number 0,  and the numbers 6 and 9 that are so confusing!.
They had fun singing one of the songs they love the most

”Monsieur Ours” ( Mr. Bear). They all want to be Monsieur L’Ours who finally wakes up and goes out.

We also read  a book Où est la lumiere?  (Where is the light?)  that tells the story of a bear that  waits for the end of hibernation and the arrival of spring