2’s – Milaure

We welcome the month of April! It’s already Spring, we have the first day of April known as the day of « poisson d’avril» and we are celebrating Easter soon! We keep practicing on our daily routing: days of the week, recognition of our first name, weather, counting, recognition of colors around us, cleaning up… Our art craft of the week was «poisson d’avril». We colored a rainbow fish after we have read the story of « poisson arc en ciel » and an other fish with the color of our choice. Lovely! We welcomed a new student called Liana and we had to revise most of the songs we have learned so far for her to get use to them. We also keep working on matching games (discrimination visuelle) and on the vertical line.Finally we have posted on our posting board some of our work to represent Spring (coccinelle, papillon, fleur,…).


3’s – Laurence

AVRIL is our new month. We are manipulating the letters, doing letter recognition, and writing them.
Same thing with: POISSON .
The children finished their fish and had a fun time being sneaky, sticking it up on their parents’ backs.
« Dénombrement: 1-6, 1-10.
We celebrated Maelys’ birthday who turned 4.
We continue our discussion about Spring and the changes each season brings in nature, and in the clothing we wear.
We discovered that to draw the scales of a fish we needed to write the number 3 multiple times. We learned that in graphisme it’s called ponts.
We started to write letters that are formed with « ponts » : U, J, D.
We learned more facts about fish: their habitat, how they breathe, that some of them are ugly and have teeth, that the prettiest, colorful fish live in warm seas, and that some can even fly out of the water!

4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week we have been talking about fish. We learnt their different parts   ‘nageoire, queue, oeil, bouche, écaille, branchies’.

We saw that when there are many scales we have to put a ‘s’ at the end of the word. But in french we don’t hear it…

We are learning a new letter: ‘F,f’. We are practicing a lot to be able to read the syllables.

It’s not easy but we are improving a lot!

The first of april was very fun! we drew a lot of fish and we stucked them on the back of our friends and our teacher.

We played a new game: ‘le restaurant’

We are pretending to be in a restaurant. We have a menu, we have to choose our food. A waiter takes the order and brings the food. And at the end of the lunch the waiter brings the bill and we have to pay.

That is very fun!!!

We are changing our bulletin board, you we’ll see what is coming… Surprise!!!