2’s – Milaure

This week, we talked about emotions. We focused on sadness and happiness. So we made “Mr TRISTE” and “Mr CONTENT”. We played a game about “VAS T’EN Mr TRISTE”. The student had to target “Mr TRISTE” throwing a ball on his face so that the sadness would go away. They enjoyed the game.

We are continuing working on the recognition of the first name initial and also on the recognition of the name of others students of the class.

We also did the recognition of the part of the body: “LES YEUX, LE NEZ ET LA BOUCHE” and “LES MAINS ET LES PIEDS”. We did an artwork using a part of our body, the finger, making a imprint of it with painting to decorate grapes.

We went to the library for the first time. Each student picked a book, he brought it home, has to read with his parents and returns it the week after.


Finally, we have sorted animals according to their species creating the “ARCHE DE NOEL”. That was a great team work!

3’s – Laurence

We continue to work on first name recognition, initial, and the sound it makes.
Most children can recognize their name.
Sadness and happiness were the emotions of the week. We spent some time in front of the mirrors making happy and sad faces. We spoke about what makes us smile or cry. We asked questions: can parents be sad? Do dogs laugh? Do birds cry?…Get ready to finish the discussion at home!:)
In “graphisme” we revised the dot and the horizontal line. Dora came to assist!  We are learning about the artist Jean Dubuffet and his work with lines. The children are working on a display for the bulletin board.
We continue to work on patterning and sequencing with 2 colors or shapes.
The excited news this week was our very first trip to the library.
Our colleague Anne- Cecile has worked relentlessly to get it ready. We still need volunteers to finish it up.
If you could give a hand, it would be very much appreciated.
This is how it works: every Wednesday the class will go to the library. Each child can pick one book.
That book must be returned by the following Wednesday so your child can check out another one.

4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week we have discovered the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. We described his painting and we saw that he painted vertical and horizontal black lines and that he used three colors only blue, red and yellow.

We have been training a lot to try to do like him. We did ‘quadrillage’ with craft sticks, straws, doh and pieces of paper.

We worked on the number 4. We set the table for 4 dolls. We learnt the meaning of  ‘autant que’ (as much as).

We had to bring as much forks (for example) as knives.

In phonology we wrote a little poem. We had to find a name of animal that rimes with our name. That was very funny!