TPS1 : Milaure et Clarisse

Welcome December! We have started talking about Christmas. Our words of the week were: “père Noël”, “sapin de noel” and “cadeaux “. We had fun decorating the Christmas tree placed at the end of the hallway. We are practicing so hard all together on all the songs we have learned so far regarding the up coming Christmas party event.We also introduced the alphabet with the song “la chanson de l’alphabet française” that can be found on YouTube. Especially for this week we have focused visually on the letter “A” and with found some words starting by “A” such as “arbre”, “ami”…Our story of the week was “Tchoupi fête Noel”. We keep working on the recognition of our first name initial and our weekly routine. 

TPS2: Ariane

The drawing of the man evolves throughout the preschool, the tadpole man in TPS until the man with many body elements, even clothing elements in preK.
It makes it possible to evaluate the idea that the child has of his body diagram and in this respect, the drawing of the man deserves to be preserved as a trace of the evolution of the child over the months and years.
For this purpose, a simple pencil drawing on a sheet is enough but why not, from time to time, highlight the man, like for Christmas, using various plastic techniques such as drawing, painting, inks, collage, cutting. .. 

Regarding mathematics, we continued to explore forms, sizes and organized sequences, we began to sort the form according to only one criterion: the color or the form, around chrismas tree …
Très bon week end !!!! Et à Lundi!

PS: Laurence

December has arrived!
The children received the news with great excitement! Each day we are counting the days left till Christmas.
We are learning the letters of our new month, new vocabulary and a new song for our Christmas program: « le père Noël est enrhumé “.
We started part 2 of our Christmas present for our mommies, created cute little “Père  Noël “and traced triangles ( the shape we are studying ) and antlers for our reindeers.
We had so much fun decorating the Christmas tree. It’s all about Christmas in the hallway.
Our teachers are telling us we are all doing a great job rehearsing for our Christmas program.
We are still observing nature and have noticed that the trees outside of our class have changed again as winter approaches.

MS: Anne-Cécile


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

Hurray! Christmas is coming. Our school is so well decorated: there are lights everywhere, our Christmas tree is so beautiful. We enjoyed decorating it.

During the week we helped our teacher create our Christmas bulletin board: we made trees, leprechauns, Santa’s house, stars. We are now able to follow instructions step by step to do when creating craft work. Our teacher was very proud of us.

We are learning the Christmas vocabulary in both upper and lowercase writing. We are focusing on the ‘i’ letter, looking for words with ‘i’ inside. That seems very easy for us.

We are doing a new work called ‘dictée à l’adulte’: The teacher gives us pictures to place in order,  we have to tell her the story and she writes it. It’s difficult to find our words in French!

We are also practicing hard to write letters and numbers.

As you could see in the video, we are slowly beginning to learn about subtractions; this is a very difficult concept!

The rehearsals for our ‘spectacle’ are going well, it takes us time to memorize what we have to do and when. It’s very funny to see the teacher singing and playing with us. We have a great time.

See you next week!