2’s Milaure

We finally reached our expectation with our potted grass this week. As a reminder we said that plants need water and the sun to grow. So the next steps were to stick our picture on the pot of grass, take it back home, keep up with the growing and finally cut the grass as it was our own hair with the parents. Lovely project! We hope you all had fun doing that home.


We played a loto game of the human body parts as a revision and we had fun recognizing some of them that are peers (bras, jambes, yeux, oreilles, genoux, épaules).
We read the story of “Patatras”( the bad wolf) and we have learned about humour : ”méchant et gentil”. We are practicing a lot on counting things around us, on recognizing written numbers and writing them down for others. We stopped with the library as it is almost the end of school. Please if you still have our library book, return it back as soon as you can dear parents!

3’s Laurence

We are working on the album: the very hungry caterpillar.
After reading the story a few times we worked with the mixed words of the title of the book and recreated it on paper. Same thing with the picture we turned into a puzzle.
We learned how to write : chenille. 
We reviewed all the letters we have learned this year in writing them down when the teacher called them.
We are learning curved letters this week: C and Q.
We are reviewing our math skills:  rote counting, more or less, double entry tables, symmetry, algorithms…
The sign up sheet for the parent conferences is at the door. Don’t forget to sign up. 

4’s Anne-Cecile

On Monday morning our bean plant had a big problem. The leaves didn’t look healthy at all. We made hypothesis: was it because it had not enough light, or was the pot too small, or did our plant need water?

We watered it and surprise 1 hour later our plant was well again. We were very happy!

Then we decided that our plants had grown enough to be planted outside and later in the week we did it.

We also talked about insects: we had to count the number of the legs. Do you know how many legs an insect has?

Now we know: The answer is 6! All the insects don’t fly! Think about ants!

In math we had to reproduce a table, at first that was difficult because we had to count the squares in order to put the right shape in it. We did it in the hallway and when we succeeded we did an exercise on a smaller table on a sheet of paper.

Of course we also continued our evaluations.

The end of the year’s conferences will begin next wednesday, don’t forget to sign up at our classroom’s door!