2’s – Milaure

This week, we continued learning about the polar animals. Our favorite book was: « De tout mon coeur ». The book help us to practice on the polar animals vocabulary we have learned so far: pingouin, morse, phoque, ours polaire, iceberg, esquimau, banquise…
Our craft project was about a little pengouin made of cotton and standing on an iceberg that we painted in white with our finger. It is really lovely to see! We will post them next week on our posting board. 
By the way, we also enjoyed the bead threading and color sequency. In math, we keep working on the number 1 and 2.
Finally, we encourage you parents to admire our little Arctic scene that is decorating our hallway. Ask the kiddos about the animals you see and they might know all their names in French!

3’s – Laurence

In maths: we continue our year long work on « dénombrement «  using different objects.
Most children have mastered 1-3 . We are working on 1-6.
We included loops in our spatial concept work. This will help in writing cursive letters later.
Letters: we reviewed straight lines and manipulated them to form words.
Art: we choose different shades of blue paper, rip them ( not as easy as it seems… it was great practice for our fine motor skills). 
We made a nice composition on our paper, glued them, glued our cute baby penguin and frame our art work in cutting triangles and gluing them.
This is a multi step project that we will finish next week.
We continue to learn facts about animals from the cold, doing puzzles and reading stories.

4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week, little by little we are beginning to read syllables. It’s totally new for us and it was very difficult. We have been training to say quickly consonants that are pronounced with the lips: P, M, B associated with all the voyells we already know ( PA, PE, PI, PO, PU and same thing with M and B). That was very funny! And now we are able to sing the penguins song very well.

We also helped a fox to find the ‘galette’. It was not easy because the road was going above and under bridges. We built a real bridge to understand well how it worked. But, now, almost all the foxes have been fed.

In maths we have been playing a new game called ‘le furet’. We are in a circle and we have to count. The first of us begins then the second continues etc… We stopped at 44. We also counted backwards from 10. So we had to learn how to say 20, 30, 40, 50….

We also began an artwork: we are creating an arctic landscape with ripping papers. We are listening to jazz music and we are now, able to recognize the sound of the saxophone.