2’s – Milaure Muteba

this week we introduced the sense of taste. we learned that the tongue is the organ of taste and helps us to taste foods. we classify the taste of various foods that children know (chips, candy, lemon, orange, carrot, cake) and finally we made the difference between what is sweet, salty and acid. blindfolded, each child had to taste a food and say if it is sweet, salty or acid.

we also reviewed the concept of colors, big – small and facial elements that we put together on a work of art called the spring butterfly. the children were all proud to present their artwork to their parents.

3’s – Laurence Elia

This week was all about: les spirales.
We took a nature walk and discovered that they are everywhere!
We are still on the lookout for escargots… but until then… we made our own in graphisme.We are living our new song!
Seen at our door. We counted the babies. So many!
Working hard at finding the numbers on the ruler to review our numbers from 1 to 20.

4’s – Azza Ben Youssef

This week, we did several math activities. The kids wrote the numbers. They were also introduced to the addition, using their little fingers and discovering with amazement that 5 + 2 = 7 or 2 + 2 = 4. They practiced enumeration, identifying the different animals and counting them. In reading-writing, they made their first crossword!  We learned a new song: “Si tu aimes le soleil