TPS1 – Caroline & Clarisse (2’s)

Hello/Bonjour Parents, Grandparents and guardians of TPS-1,
After our amazing Scavenger Hunt Field Trip to Umstead where we successfully found Dora and all her friends,  we welcomed them all back to school and scolded them for escaping!
TPS-1 is doing great with following daily routines and transitions. 
Some of the students know each others names and we are encouraging using names during the day, as we learn to ask to share toys with others.
We have started learning new songs which L’ecole will perform as a whole during the Holidays.
Our songs for the week were:

Deux petits bonhommes
J’habite une maison citrouille
Dans la forêt lointaine

Our Tchoupi stories for the week stressed potty training and being polite. One of our students is doing great with potty training and we are all so proud of her! And of course, the theme of being polite is helpful to remind the class to consider others as they begin to learn and understand life involves amazing but sometimes difficult group dynamics.

T’choupi va sur le pot
T’choupi est poli

Our table top activities continued to strengthen fine motor skills,manual dexterity by digging through playdoh for hidden gems, following patterns, counting, recognizing first names, identifying colors, shapes and sizes of farm animals, fruits and vegetables. We also made Halloween crafts like friendly bats and ghosts and squirrels and pumpkins with fun finger painting while trying to follow straight lines and glueing eyes to decorate our ghosts.

We step outside every day to check the weather to see if Monsieur Canard can help us find the sun! He is always willing to help!
Outdoor time and Lunchtime continues to be all about learning how to share, take turns, respecting each other’s personal space and personal belongings, 
And again, thank you and please do not hesitate to ask any questions and share your thoughts. And please don’t forget to pack a sweater as it is now a little chilly during morning recess. 

TPS2 – Ariane (2.5’s)

Students have been engaged in academic activities (recess games, puzzles, vocabulary and numeration) and crafts centered around Halloween.
We took advantage of the beautiful days offered by autumn. We are so proud as we have created a big car circuit in collaboration!! Brilliant!! We keep trying to strengthen our hand with play-doh work and refine the accuracy of our actions through different manual address activities.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 


À lundi!

PS – Laurence (3’s)

We had so much fun last Friday!
The children keep asking me to take another field trip to Umstead forest!
Thank you for taking time off from your busy schedule to accompany your child.
In math we are continuing to count from 1-10 and counting objects 1-5.
We are working on writing the number 1.
We are wrapping up our study on vertical lines (cutting, gluing, tracings).
The Halloween bingo game was introduced to the class this week to strengthen the theme’s vocabulary.
We also worked on the word: citrouille which the kids find cute.
We started a new “comptine”: que fait ma main ?
We finished our adorable mummies and painted more pine cones for the decoration of the hallway.

MS – Anne-Cecile (4’s)


These days we are talking about the forest. Last Friday, during the field trip, we saw what animals live there. We want to know what they eat. We are surprised to find out that racoons (raton laveur), hedgehogs (hérisson) and foxes (renard) could eat almost anything. On the other hand, owls (hibou) and snakes (serpent) are very selective: they only eat other animals!

We are now able to write letters with diagonal lines ( A, K, M, N…). If we practice at home can you please make sure that we are write correctly? Always from top to bottom, like vertical lines.

The new goal in ‘phonologie’ is to count the oral syllables in a word; it’s easier if we clap our hands in the same time.

In Math we are learning how to make groups of 2 and the different decompositions of 5.

We are very excited because we are going to have new friends from the international school of Houston. We are practising so that we can send them a video to introduce ourselves and present our school!

Library day will be on Fridays, beginning this Friday. So don’t forget to bring your book back on Friday the 1st of October if you want to take another one!

Halloween is next week!!! Come in beautiful costumes! Make sure they comply with the school’s rules about no mask/blood and no weapon/accessories.

Here is the link of our Halloween’s song: J’habite une maison citrouille

Be careful! Perhaps a witch will be your teacher for this day!!!