2’s – Milaure

Back to school everyone! We just had the perfect weather to start our theme of gardening this week. We enjoyed doing some gardening in our playground garden.We have learned how the plants grow. We learned that we first put the seed under the ground, we water it or the rain does then the sun shine makes it growing to become a plant or a tree.We have learned also the name of some tools used for gardening such as: arrosoir, bêche, brouette, râteau, griffe…We read the book called: “Que fais tu jardinier?” and “Brave coccinelle” that introduced us to the song called: “coccinelle demoiselle”. You can find that song on you tube and practice with the children at home. We finally introduced the using of small beads regarding our fine motor skills.Reminder: the library’s books have to be returned in 2 weeks. Thank you!


3’s – Laurence

We started the week by celebrating Earth Day. We discussed how to help keep our planet healthy. The children watched a few educational videos about recycling, making small changes to help the environment such as picking up trash, shutting the water off while brushing our teeth, shutting the lights off to save energy, using less paper while drying  their hands etc…
We learned that rainforests are the lungs of the Earth providing us with most of our oxygen. We saw on the globe that it’s really green there. That’s why trees are so important and why our maîtresse gets sad when kids climb and break branches of the tree outside of her classroom door.
We all promised not to do it again!
We started our last unit of the year; one of the children’s favorites: gardening.
We discussed growing a garden. What would you grow in yours? Carrots and zucchinis were a favorite except for Nathan and the teacher who would prefer growing fennel and potatoes respectively for: les frites, of course!
What tools to use, how long it takes to grow how much water to pour etc…
All week we have been talking about the different parts of a flower, associating the words with the pictures by sounding it out.
The children created a nice looking flower poster that we put up in the hallway.
We played a sorting game using lots of different seeds and other objects. We organized them in 2 categories: what we think are seeds ( it can be confusing) and not seeds. We started to take pictures and write their names to label the cups for next week’s experiment.
We looked at pictures of beautiful flowers, learned that not all flowers smell good and that some can even trap bugs…and eat them! 
The children really enjoyed watching the video of a carnivore flower! They were completely mesmerized.
They measured, touched, smelled, observed (using a magnifying glass) and drew the lavender plant before planting it.
We are using lots of new words and verbs related to our subject.
We are so happy to have gotten a few new books about Spring and gardens!
We are « dénombrer » up to 10 with more children now. Everybody is doing a great job!

4’s – Anne-Cecile

We are now able to do spelling tests. We had to find the syllables ‘va, ba, ma, pa, fa’ and the vowels ‘pa,pe pi, po, pu, pé, py’.

We are still doing a lot of additions with our finger or on a piece of paper. We are learning a new way to count: 6+2,

we  keep the biggest number in our mind ( here it’s 6) then we count starting from 6: 7,8. It’s hard because we were used to begin from 1!!!

In gross motor skill we used stilts for the first time. It was very funny but a bit scary at the beginning!

Our new project is plant. We are going to observe how they grow and to learn new vocabulary.

We have drawn ‘rosier’ and ‘lavande’. Lavande smells so good! Then we did gardenning. First we had to take off bad weeds then we planted lavander, parsley, basil…Our hands were very dirty!

But we had a lot of fun.