This week, we continued to work on the same subject : “la galette des rois”. This theme brings us many works opportunities. We made our “bonhomme” of January  with his crown (he is the king). Following alignments in order on starting point, end point and course direction (exploring the world, locating in time and space). We drew snowflakes around the snowman,  improving our fine motor skill again and again. We read a wonderful book : Ours blanc, it’s a book to be caressed. It’s the story of a little white bear who wants to discover the world. He meets polar animals and at the end, an Inuk, also known as Eskimo. So we created our own Inuk’s puppet.Finally this week, we worked on colors and numbers.



We continued working on our galette theme. We learned winter vocabulary for clothes: coat, scarf, gloves, mittens, boots, This lead to a study on cold and hot. What do we wear when it’s cold outside, when it’s hot ? What are the sports, activities we can play or do outside? What are the dangerous things we can not touch because they are hot? We manipulated the letters of the word : Hiver (winter). Progress was made in graphism with our lignes brisées (broken lines).



This week, we kept working on the Galette ‘s topic. We read Roule Galette and the kids got very familiar with the characters and especially the animals : le lapin, le loup, l’ours, le renard. We did many activities about the story such as cutting and gluing upper and lower letters in order to make words reconstruction. We also worked on recognizing and linking the characters’ names written in lowercase and uppercase.
The kids made the Bonhomme for the month of January in shape of the King and the Queen of the Galette.
Therefore, we had activities on phonology focusing on recognizing the words that start with the same syllable. The kids had fun making all kinds of noises!