2’s – Milaure

We have made a revision on the fruits we learned the week before as it was our week of taste. We reminded how we can explore a fruit with our human senses ( VOIR, TOUCHER, SENTIR, GOÛTER) then we to attach a color to each fruit we learned and we did some matching color games to fix that in our mind.
We read the story of « TCHOUPI VA A LA FERME » in the way to get prepared for what to expect to our next week trip to the farm on Halloween day. We encourage you parents to bring the children to the farm so that they can have an open mind about the farm’s world and at the same time they can have fun with their classmates.
We learned some Halloween vocabulary such as : CITROUILLE, FANTÔME, SORCIÈRE, ARRAIGNEE and we had fun in making our own CITROUILLES using play dough. Let me tell you dear parents ?; you might not recognize a pumpkin on the picture you will see but we tried our best to decorate the pumkin. A least you will see LES YEUX, LE NEZ et LA BOUCHE of the CITROUILLE ?.
In the same theme of Halloween, we learned a nusery rhyme called : « AU JARDIN DE MA GRAND-MÈRE ».
Also, we continued working on the recognition of the first name initial and the sound it makes. Our motor skills activities were jumping, crawling and running for this week.
Finally, we welcome everybody to the international festival that starts this Friday in down town Raleigh. For that special occasion, The little ones enjoyed decorating the crowns and some letter of the word FRANCE that will be posted there.

3’s – Laurence

Fall has arrived!
It’s now time to switch the extra changes of clothes: underwear, long sleeves tee shirt, pants and socks.
We go outside everyday. Please provide a jacket/ sweater for your child. You can leave an old sweat shirt at school if you want.
I would like to remind you all that Wednesday is library day.
Your little one will not be able  to check out a new book if he/ she didn’t return the book from the previous week. Please hand me the book at drop off. Thank you.
We finished the fruit unit.
The children tasted 3 different ways to eat an apple: a bite of it, apple sauce and apple juice.
We continue to work on algorithms and sizes.
The children are recognizing more of their peers’ names by matching photos and names together.
The Alliance Française needed our help with the International festival: we decorated crowns for the “ galette” theme and blue, white and red letters that spell: France.
Halloween is in the air!
The children are excited about their trip to the pumpkin patch.
They made cute little 3D spiders.
They are building up their vocabulary: citrouille, araignée, toile d’araignée, sorcière, balai, chapeau,chat noir, fantôme,bonbons…
The emotion we are working on is: fear/ la peur.
We are having lots of fun provoking this feeling in class! The kiddos have a vivid imagination!
If your child has food allergy, please, please parents, bring to school a sweet treat they can eat when we celebrate a birthday.
It could be something dry or something to leave in the freezer for the occasion. Thank you.

4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week, on Monday, we tasted apple, apple sauce and apple juice. We had to find out the difference between the color, the taste and the consistency. We preferred apple juice but it was no apple sauce left!!!

We were sad that the ‘fruit’s week’ ended because we enjoyed tasting fruits a lot. But we are still working on the names of the fruits. We had to replace their letters in order. Some of us had to write ‘banane et kiwi’ without a model. The others had to paste the image of the fruit next to the name they recognize. Far less funny!!!
For the international festival we decorated crowns and two letters of the word ‘France’: the ‘F’and the ‘E’. We had to paste blue and red letters and we had to write ‘FRANCE’. If you go to the the international festival, you will see our work in the the ‘french culture’ booth.
We also kept working on the number 4. But now we put all the numbers we know together and we played with our finger a lot: The teacher showed us 4 fingers ( with her two hands) then she hid one, or two. We had to say very fast how many fingers were still there.
We read new books about witches: ‘Cornebidouille’ et ‘le crapaud perché’.
We also began to learn a new song: ‘La sorcière Grabouilla’.
As you can see we have a lot of new animals and we have much fun playing with them.
Thank you for your generosity.