Vertical lines again…

It’s raining and the animals are getting wet. Fortunately we are going to build houses to protect them.

We were  very happy to use scissors to cut playdoh. That was a very funny activity, we stayed calm and concentrate during a long time. We also learned how to clean a table, some were more interested in this activity than the others ! To train our little fingers we tried to use clothespins. That was very difficult and we guess that our teacher will make us train several times more…

We liked using glue to paste paper webs on a line, as close as each other as possible. The papers were in different colors so we found this very beautiful. Some of us used forks to draw lines on their painting. The result was unexpected but we liked it a lot.

Later in the week we prepared the soil in the playground to put plants and aromatics herbs. The lavender was smelling very good.

This week we learned how to jump in a gross motor skills course. We had to walk on little chairs, crawl in a tunnel and then climb on a bigger chair to jump on a jump landing mat. Fortunately our teacher and Milaure were there to help us. At first it was a bit scary but quickly we became more confident and we enjoyed it a lot.



We are honoring our planet ? by picking up trash on the playground, helping mom and dad with recycling and … our favorite part: playing with dirt and planting flowers and aromatic herbs in our garden. We found earth worms!
Little girls looooove flowers in their hair!We learned new vocabulary:???? and science facts on how things grow.



This week, we celebrated Earth’s Day. We learned about the different parts of the tree.
The kids wrote the new words: L’Arbre, le feuillage, le tronc, les racines.
We talked about the plants’ needs. They enjoyed planting and watering plants.
We read the story L’Ours qui aimait les arbres (The bear that loved the trees).