TPS1 (2’s class) – Milaure

This week we have worked all together to a common artwork based on our theme of the year called: “l’arbre”. We used sticks, herbs, bark, pines cones, leaves… things that we found in the nature to make an awesome little boy (garçon) and a pretty little girl (fille). Such an amazing result we got! You parents can find it posted at the end of the hallway. We also started working on our first name initial and we identified ourselves as being a boy or a girl. In graphism, we are keeping up with the dot (le point) using dot to dot ink and cotton stick. We introduced the part of the body starting by the face and we had to find the right spot for each element of the face (2 yeux, 2 oreilles, un nez et une bouche). Our favorite song was: “Ainsi font, font, font, les petites marionettes”.

TPS2 (2.5’s class) – Ariane

This week in TPS2, we have been developing our hands strength by using playdoh and screwing bolts. We developed the strength of our fingers and our arm with painting activities. We located the first letter of our first name. Everyday, we dance on the song of the days of the week. We counted a lot, we counted bricks, leaves, pencils, and we count ourselves every day! We will keep trying this coming Monday again !! “La semaine des canards

PS (3’s class) – Laurence

The children were asked to go on a scavenger hunt in the backyard to gather every natural element they could find in order to create a bonhomme.
We lunched outside. Everyone had a ton of fun.
More tree vocabulary was learned: tronc, glands et racines.
With the arrival of Fall we introduced more yellow, orange and red leaves onto our bulletin board and started to learn a new song: ‘2 petits bonhommes “.
We continue our classifications by sizes, colors, fresh/ wilted, thin/ thick, shiny/ mat.
First names’ recognition: spelling, writing it.
Algorithms, #’s 1-5.
We decorated our coat racks with our initials now that we all know them and placed our painted mushrooms on our bulletin board.

MS (4’s class) – Anne-Cecile

We ‘re still working on our tree project. We learnt the new following words: leaves/feuilles, branches, tronc/trunk, Roots/racines. We went outside and created a ‘girl’ and a ‘boy’ collages made with natural materials found on the playground.

 Monday the 23rd was the first day of Fall. We observed the tree leaves and found that some of them were already yellow or red. Look at our tree in the hallway you will notice a change too!!!

To memorize  the seasons we are learning a new song: “les saisons“.

We continued to work on the first letter of our name: we had to pair our name with the picture of something starting with the same letter (example Nathan with a picture of a nuage/cloud).

We had to listen carefully to recognize the letter!

Our teacher showed us how to play the piano. We already know where the C/do key is. We liked playing our ‘C’ all together a lot!

We talked about an artist called Sol Lewitt. We are creating an artwork inspired by his work using horizontal and vertical lines.

See you next week!