2’s – Milaure

This week was amazing! We have been to school only for four weeks and the children are happy to leave their parents for the class, no more tears!

Step by step, the children are becoming students of the class and they are enjoying school. They get use to the daily routines and the rules of L’ECOLE.
They pay more attention while we read a story and most of them start participating to the class activities. How impressive!

We read “TCHOUPI A PEUR DE L’ORAGE”. They loved it.

We did our first artwork : we painted our hand (LA MAIN) and did an imprint of it on a white sheet.

We also introduced the concept of “LE POINT”. We made “LE POINT” on the black board and on the play dough. Our goal is the fine motor development.

Finally, we learn a new nursery rhyme called “VOLE, VOLE, PAPILLON”.



3’s – Laurence

The children continue to work on the recognition of their initials.
They have a very clumsy teacher who keeps dropping the alphabet container so much that she needs help to pick  up the letters.
As they did so, they hunted for their initials, sounded it out and got to write it on the white board and on paper.
Some of them are writing their full first name already!

We continue our obstacle course adding more movement as the week progresses. The children can jump, march, sit, lie down, run, climb and crawl.

In maths we are matching the dots with the right number of school bags.

We have been working on the decoration of our binders for a few weeks now and it’s done! We used acrylic paint and tools to leave impressions on the wet paint. Our teacher told us our artwork was so pretty it could be hanged in museums. We were very proud.

So far those are the songs we have learned : J’ai un nom, un prénom / Frère Jacques / Pomme de Reinette / Vive la rentrée / Mains en l’air / Rangez la salle de classe / La récréation.
You can found them on the internet except for the ones I made up.




4’s – Anne-Cecile

I was very happy to meet you on Tuesday. I hope you have a better idea of what the kids are doing at school. If you have some more questions feel free to ask me.

This week we were focused on the sound of letters. We did some funny words when we changed letters. For example tomate became romate … We had a lot of fun.

We are always studying the number 3 but also 2 and 1,  1 and 2.

We did algorithm too with bears and with pears ( three colors or three sizes). Almost all of us are able to do puzzles with 9 pieces. We tried also to lace a wire around a shape. That was very  difficult!!!

We learned the song ‘bonjour’ a bit more and we enjoyed dancing to it.