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French Summer camps 2019

2’s – Milaure

We reviewed and finished our shapes unit making a fake pizza using the shapes we have learned so far as the slice of pizza and using number 1 to 3. So delicious!
We also drew a square and a round by following the dots that were pre-established to mark the difference between the square that has 4 sides (4 movements) and the round that is one continuous curve (one circular movement).  Our motor skills activities were jumping on the motors skills balls and biking in the playground.
In graphism, we are working on writing our first name initial on black board and/or on paper. Some kids are already able to write their whole first name and for the others we keep working on that.
We read the book of the rainbow fish (Poisson arc en ciel) and everybody got a book from the library! Please dear parents, don’t forget to bring back the book in 2 weeks.

3’s – Laurence

The children built a city using wooden blocks (they also enjoyed destroying it with the help of the dinosaurs!)
It was a good exercise when it came to gravity and balance. We can not add much to a cylinder or build upon a triangle!
We continued our unit on shapes: tracing, cutting, touching, sorting, counting the sides, singing our song, doing art work, making more 3D shapes and doing exercises on paper.
We are challenging ourselves in reproducing the tangrams looking at the model; no longer assembling the pieces on it.
We practiced drawing the square and the triangle.
In graphisme we wrote the letters: V, W and K, and 7 using our slanted and broken lines.

4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week we have been working on shapes again. As we already knew a lot on them the teacher told us to reproduce some complicated ones with sticks. First we had to count the sides then to get the right number of sticks.

The teacher put some flat shapes in a bag and we had to recognize them with our fingers and tell their names.

It was very funny!!!!

Then we have been talking about 3d shapes. We discovered that a lot of objects are made with rectangular prisms and cylinders!

We studied the rhyme ‘ les formes’ very closely because the teacher had a very strange idea: she cut the rhyme into 4 pieces, and of course we had to put them in order again!!!!

We continue to practise yoga. We discovered how we breathe and we listened to Isabella’s heart. It was very noisy!

I just want to thank Alexandra a lot for the great job she did with the kids.