2’s – Milaure

This week we started talking about spring. As the weather is getting warmer, we are expecting to see flowers blossom, insects coming out from their hiding and others animals waking up from their sleep. We learned the song «Monsieur l’ours réveille toi ».We are learning the name of some insects in French. This week was about the lady bug (Coccinelle), with her pretty colors (rouge et noir). We even painted a coccinelle! That was our art craft of the week. We read a book called « le lion et la souris » and everyone had to retell the story using his own word in French. That was fun! We are practicing on counting 1 to 3 for certains students and even more for others. We also keep practicing on the recognition of colors around us in French. Finally, we went to the library. Don’t forget to bring the books back in 2 weeks, dear parents!

3’s – Laurence

We have been looking outside all week long observing the changes in nature now that Spring has arrived. We learned it happens because  the temperature of the air and soil starts to warm up and the hours of light from the sun increase as the days get longer. Every day the bushes and trees that lost their leaves over the winter begin to grow new leaves again.
The girls are so happy to make bouquets again with the little purple flowers found at the playground.
Our new song is Monsieur l’ours. It’s about a bear that comes out of hibernation.
We all had a hard time balancing our bear yoga poses. There were lots of rolling bodies on the carpet!
We all agreed: it’s easier to do the bear walk.
In “graphisme” we worked on “rayonnement”.
We finished our unit on shapes by coloring, cutting, drawing and writing “losanges”.
In maths: “dénombrement “: 1-5, 1-6, 1-8.
Making groups with 3 objects.
Art: the children started decorating their paper fish for Monday as we will be celebrating : le poisson d’Avril. April’s fool day.
Next week will be a fishy one!

4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week we have been talking a lot about animals: the way they move, they breathe, if they have legs, fins or wings.

We have discovered that not all the animals breathe in the same way: the fishes use their gills (branchies) to take the oxygen from the water, the other animals breathe with their lungs (poumons).

Do you know that whales and dolphins have lungs and breathe like us? But they don’t have a nose: they have a hole on their head called blowhole ‘évent’. They can stay a long time under water because their lungs are very big.

We learnt a new letter the ‘f or F’. Now we have to practice a lot to write it correctly.

We also made groups of 3 fishes: that is very easy for us now!

We are learning a new song: “C’est le printemps” !https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlozvEioTGQ

Monday is April 1st. In France we are used to make jokes and to glue discreetly paper fishes in the back of people. So be careful, that will perhaps happen to you!!!