We have been practicing drawing vertical lines, connecting each character to his balloon and changing color for each stroke and balloon. To improve our manual skills we tried to catch pearls with pair of pliers or ice/sugar tongs. We worked on the world around us trying to distinguish what makes noise from what does not. We continued our learning on geometric shapes naming them and finding their place on our “rainbow fish”. We played it like a loto : What is this shape? The first to answer won the shape and sticked it.


We played a hide and seek game where we had to find the shapes.
We picked our favorite shape, drew it, wrote its name and continued to practice drawing the others.
We have memorized our shapes song and take great pleasure singing it.


This week, the kids learned a new song Tourne, Tourne petit moulin. They wrote the names of the characters: le moulin, la main, l’oiseau et le poisson.
We celebrated Isa’s birthday. Her classmates made her a “Bon Anniversaire” card.
With the 3 year old class, the kids had a “ shape haunting”. They had a lot of fun identifying and looking for shapes of all colors and sizes.