“Thank you to all of our parents for their generous donations to the playground fund. We all love l’Ecole, and donations are a tremendous help to our collective effort. With such strong community support, we will keep moving l’Ecole forward” – L’Ecole’s team



2’s – Milaure


This week, we decided to act like big boys and big girls. One of the thing was to dress up ourselves. As the weather changes, we learned how to put our coat without help and some clothes vocabulary (MANTEAU, ÉCHARPE, BONNET…). We also learnt how to button up our clothes, zip them up and even bucckle up some of them.
It’s not easy but we are keeping up with that.
Our favorite reading was « Petit Ours Brun veut devenir grand ».
We are studying the size of things around us. We said « GRAND » and « PETIT ». We will continue working on that as much as we can to understand the difference. This week, we compared the size of things in our classroom. We used chairs, pompon, colored bears, toys…
We keep practicing our daily routine: first name initial recognition, weather, day of the week, nursery rhymes, motor skills activities… and we went to the library!
Don’t forget parents, you have 2 week to enjoy the books with your children then bring them back to me on Monday and Tuesday depending of the list you will see next to our classroom door. Thank you
We also wish a quick recovery to those who were sick and couldn’t be with us this week, we will catch up with them!



3’s – Laurence


The children all had a good Thanksgiving break. Nobody came back sick!:)
We reviewed and finished our vegetable unit by coloring the “ head” from Arcimboldo and by making fake soup using numbers from 1 to 6.
It’s interesting to see the children play pretend in the kitchen since they cooked. They are now using all the vegetables and fruit by their names saying it’s yummy:)
We are still having lots of fun singing our vegetable song.




4’s – Anne-Cecile


This week we have been working on syllables again. Now we are able to know how many syllables there are in a word.

The number 4 has no secret for us. The teacher wanted to have 4 of each vegetables so we had to cut them and paste the right number. We used paper clips to. We had to put as many as paper clips it was written on the paper (4, 3+1, 1+2). It’s not easy because paper clips are not easy to use!

We have been working on the different ways to move (walking, running, flying….). We had to find the word displayed on the picture and we had to do it. That was very funny we wanted to do it again and again. Our teacher made movies of us. Then we had to match the right word and the right picture. We tried to do it without model, but that was difficult to remember 6 words.

We are beginning a new theme: Christmas, obviously! We are very happy because December is coming.

We talked about the Christmas show and we have chosen the songs we are going to sing to you.

We also have been learning a new song called “Toc toc toc, Père Noël”.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qD0Rg4URq_I