This will be our final blog post for the 2018-2019 school year. We are incredibly proud of all the growth the children have made during the year! Thank you parents for your support and your involvement in the school, we appreciate your partnership.

A big thank you to Washy’s family for the time offered for the class pictures this week. The pictures will be displayed in the school next week, for the families to chose which one(s) they would like to get ($10/photo).

Next week will be the last week of school, with the 4’s class graduation on Thursday (1pm), and the Kermesse on Friday (4:30-6:30pm).

Lastly but not least, we are already in the starting blocks for the first Summer camps starting on June 10th!

Check the available spots online! French Summer camps

2’s Milaure

This week we have been practicing the songs for our last performance of the end of school which is next week. For the song “coccinelle demoiselle” we made a sort of lady bug hat that we are going to wear while performing that song. We keep revising the part of the body through the song “Jean petit qui danse” that we have learned. It helps us to localise a part of the body and involve it into the dance. You can find it on you tube. We also did some biking race to the playground and have so much fun telling who had ridden faster than the others. We finally practiced on how to use scissors cutting the leftover potted grass we had for our fine motor skills.

Dear parents, for the 2’s class there will not be a sign up sheet for conferences time but it will be a pleasure to talk about your child on your demand. Thank you!

3’s Laurence

The children finished their work on symmetry using quadrillages.
We celebrated Amelia’s unbirthday with ice cream sandwiches. It was yummy!
They worked on a 48 piece big puzzle without corners that the big kids lent us.
The round letters we learned this week are: G and S.
We started to write our first names in lowercase letters. 

4’s Anne-cecile

This week was very hot, we had to look after our bean plant and our pumpkin plant. We watered them every day. The teacher gave us little spring showers outside to refresh us too. We had a lot of fun.

We continued to work on tables, now we know how to name the square: (A,1) ou (E,5) for example.

The teacher found 100 pieces new puzzles in the basement. But as they are old ones we are not sure if they are complete so we decided to count the pieces in groups of 10.

The ‘D’ letter has no more secret for us now, we learnt how to write it, we found words with a ‘D’ and we also changed our name: Henry became Hendy, jackie Jadie…. That was very fun to have a new name for some hours!!!

To rest we did free paintings and played with blocks. We liked it a lot.

We also gave new hairstyles to our teacher’s head cup: you can see some of the results. Do you like them?