December begins and Christmas ? is pointing his nose.

This week our book is :”Le premier Noël de Spot”. Children like this story because the little dog is so eager to have his presents ?.

We are scientists this week. We worked on comparisons : find the biggest elephant ? or classify the bird ? from largest to smallest, find the mother of different animals and name them.

But what we really like is to sing ? and we learned a Christmas song : “L’as-tu vu, ce petit bonhomme”
Every day we review our song since the beginning. Guess why? Surprise, surprise ?
And for the next week, we are preparing  a lot of surprise, as Ames love to say : hip hip hip houra!


The children are very proud of the work they did decorating their binders which they finished this week.
They started rehearsing the songs they’ll be singing at the christmas party. One of their favorites is Ani Couni which they sing with enthousiasm.
The christmas books, imagiers, memory & bingo games brought joy to the children as it is a clear sign that we are entering the christmas season.


This week Les grands worked hard painting, cutting and gluing to make their binder’s covers. They really did their best knowing that they will take the binders home to show them to dads and moms.
They worked Algorithm in the form of leaf necklace: it was a good exercise of visual discrimination but also a way of closing the theme of autumn.
Then, off course came the Christmas theme with the song “L’as-tu vu?”