2’s – Milaure

This week, as we have been practicing at lot on the recognition of the first name, we had to put together the letter of our first name according to a pattern. At the same time, we worked on our ability to stick things on a paper. Everybody did a wonderful job. We also used play dough to make our first name initial using letter cutters.

We worked on how to handle clothespins and tweezers. It was very captivant for the kiddos and useful to improve their fine motor skills. 
Our reading was about “Arc en ciel tremble de peur” and our new songs were “tourne tourne petit moulin” and “les papa pingouins”. Also, as we finished our pingouins last week, we have posted them on our posting board.

Finally, we did our “bonhomme du mois de janvier “ to end the month of January.

3’s – Laurence

We are still working on 1-5, and 1-10. It’s still a hard concept for some little students to remember we have 10 fingers and 10 toes.
5 on each hand and foot.
Practicing at home would be helpful.Make it fun! It could be a ritual at bath time.
We’ve added a level of difficulty with our algorithms. We are working with 3 colors and also adding 2 of the same +1 of different color.
We continue to manipulate numbers 1,2,3,4,5, and 1-10 associating them with the correct amount of fingers and with the dice.
The children are getting more confortable with sequencing. What are the pictures that have the least details, the most? What comes in between those 2 stages?
How can we order them? What comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th?
This is the preliminary study for writing. The concept is to understand you start on the left of the page, at the beginning and move towards the right at the end of the sentence. Ordering the pictures tells a story.
The children will do the same thing next year but with words.
We are done writing our straight line letters: L, I, T,F, E,H.
This week we learned that if you put an accent on the e, it completely changes how it sounds. It becomes é. Just like in our new month: février.
We are calling it the magical letter.

4’s – Anne-Cecile

This week and from now on we are going to focus on the letters and syllables. We are going to practise a lot to write the letters in the right way, to recognize them and to pronounce them correctly.  

Little by little we are beginning to read small sentences. This week, the sentence was ‘L’otarie regarde le morse.’ or ‘L’OTARIE REGARDE LE MORSE.’.The teacher cuts it in 5 pieces ( 1 for each word), and we have to put them in order. Some of us needed to look at the sentence on the board other didn’t.

We also learned that a sentence begins with a capital letter and finishes with a  period.

We have been reading a book called ‘la moufle’ and we had to remember which animals were in the glove and in which order they came in.

Our work on the arctic landscape is now finished you can see it at school.

We know now where is the south pole and the north pole and also where is the warmest part of earth. We also know a lot about the animals which are living there. But in french ‘manchot empereur’ are living in the south pole and ‘pingouin’ in the north pole. It’s a bit confusing even for our teacher.