TPS1 – Caroline & Clarisse

Hello/Bonjour Parents, Grandparents and guardians of TPS-1

What a week ! Preparing for and celebrating Halloween was the highlight of our week as well as welcoming one of our students full time !! Merveilleux !
I am so proud and pleased with TPS. Daily routines and transitions are becoming second nature as we continually repeat expectations and model behaviors during circle time and throughout the day. 
Our vocabulary is expanding by the day and showing Big Boy/Big Girl language and behavior is a daily goal.
We are having a lot of fun with practicing our Holiday songs and showing our attention span has also improved. 
Our Tchoupi stories for the week continue to highlight  potty training and being polite. See previous blog links. 
Our table top activities continued to strengthen fine motor skills,manual dexterity by digging through playdoh for hidden gems, following patterns, counting, recognizing first names, identifying colors, shapes and sizes of farm animals, fruits and vegetables and working on vertical lines and cutting and gluing. 
We step outside every day to check the weather to see if Monsieur Canard can help us find the sun ! He is always willing to help! On one rainy day, we had fun indoor gross motor skill time ! Crawling, balancing and jumping oh my !!
Recess and Lunchtime continues to be all about learning how to share, take turns, respecting each other’s personal space and personal belongings, 
And again, thank you and please do not hesitate to ask any questions and share your thoughts. 

TPS2 – Ariane

On the support of our Halloween album ‘Go Big Green Monster’, we continued making ensembles, we learned the vocabulary of the portrait, and we approached the colors. We assemble (juxtaposition of shapes and objects, stacks, interlocking, various combinations), so we develop spatial tracking capabilities and logical reasoning and abstraction. The first blocks building, created with the intention of a finished product, develops not only motor skills but also an increasing capacity to imitate actions, to memorize them, to build and organize a space, to coordinate actions, and to conduct more. At a later stage, it aims to anticipate, invent plans and try to realize them.

Have a nice weekend!

Va-t’en grand monstre vert – story telling

Va-t’en grand monstre vert – video

Deux yeux, un nez, une bouche – nursery rhyme

PS – Laurence

Halloween celebration was a blast!
The children looked adorable in their costumes.
Thank you for donating pizzas and candies.
We read a classic book: “the little lady who was not afraid of anything.”
We counted Halloween objects: ghosts, witches, momies, bats, spiders.
Our new song is :” j’habite une maison citrouille.”
We manipulated the letters of the words: “sorcière and Halloween” and wrote them down.
We continue writing our first names, counting 1-10, colors, sizes…
We finished our study on forest animals and continue to work on our unit on concentric circles.
We are challenging our fine motor skills by ripping tiny pieces of paper and hanging clothes pins.
Starting next week I will get a selection of books from the library.
The children will pick one that they will bring back home. A new book will be given when one is returned.
Here is the schedule:
-Monday: Kye, Stephen and William
-Tuesday: Mila, Sterling, Olivia, Margot and Owen.

MS – Anne-Cecile


Halloween was great fun! All the kids had a wonderful costume! We changed names just for that day: Bip, Caty, Sophia, Cat 1 and Chouchou and Cruella. Who is Who? You’ll have to guess!

Thanks to the parents who brought sweets for all of us.

In spite of the excitement we worked all the same.

We continued to speak about ‘voyelles’. Here is the link to our new song: La chanson des voyelles. On top of that, we are now able to count the syllables perfectly.

The number five has no more secret for us! 

As you can see on the video I sent, we learnt the words ‘face à ou en face de et de dos à ou dos à dos’. We had a lot of fun playing that game!

The MS of Houston received our video but they were too busy to answer. We are eager to know more about them.

Good news: we almost finished the first chapter of our book! we are still missing some drawing. The second one is already written but the illustrators are too busy.

See you soon!