2’s – Milaure

We keep talking about gardening. This week we have so much fun activities. We planted the grass in a Cup. As We have learned what the plant needs to grow ( terre, eau et soleil), we are taking care our grass cup everyday to make it grow. We pour water on it every morning and we expose it to the sun shine. We should start to see the result of the sprouting in 2 weeks! We also had our farm field trip to pick some strawberries with the kiddos the parents. We have spent a great time all together. At the same occasion we are preparing a surprise for Mother’s day, and we read the story of « Tchoupi fait une surprise à maman ». Finally in math, we are working on algorithms. We used many colored objects to do different kind of algorithms ( little bear, beads, ink…). Reminder : don’t forget to return the library books next week please! Thank you

3’s – Laurence

In continuing with our plant unit we learned that when you grow anything you have to be very patient to get the result.
Indeed some seeds planted during Spring season only start appearing in the fall, such as the pumpkin seeds we planted in the garden. We will get them in October.
We observed, measured and drew the rose bush.
Our study of the flowers taught us that not all flowers smell good. Fiona agreed and stated that some smell like cat pee!
 Big flowers can have no scent while tiny ones be very odorant.
We saw pictures of lavender and other types of flowers’ fields and were surprised to hear that perfume is made with thousands of flowers and is expensive ( that’s why we only use it sparingly).
Our maîtresse brought some perfume and we came back home smelling Chanel numéro 5.
We are playing a new game called: “where is the trowel?”
The children have to find the hidden trowel under cabbages and they have to identify the number that written on them.  1-5, 1-10.
Our fine motor skills were put to the task as we manipulated all type of seeds ( pumpkins, beans, corn and lentils) with tongs.
Not so easy! This was a good workout for our fingers.
The field trip to the strawberry patch was a success! Gorgeous weather, plenty of delicious strawberries, outside games= happy children.
We started to work on our surprise for Mother’s Day…

4’s – Anne-Cecile

Plants were our main subject this week.

The teacher gave us little things and we had to say if they were seeds or not. It’s harder than it seems to be!

Some of them were obviously seeds and some not. And for the others we had no idea. So we decided to plant all of them and we’ll see what is going to happen!

We have to water them every day.

In maths we talked about double and half. We worked also of the different way to make 10 (5+5,6+4…). We also discovered the numbers up to 50.

We continued to read syllables of course.

In ‘graphisme’ we practiced drawing spirals and writing our name in lowercase letters.

The main event of the week was the strawberry trip. We had a wonderful time together. We had a lot of fun!

We are beginning to work on our present for mother’s day.

But shh it’s! a surprise!